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1Aymen Saadouni
2Emirhan Kaya
3Burak Ayyıldız
4Raed Alshaher
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1Florian Hehenwarter
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Turkish Virtual • Examination Systems
This exam type is only for the TURKISH VIRTUAL new student pilot applicants who received an EXAM CODE

Dear vPilot,

Once you start the EXAM, you are not authorized to shut down the process. If you close the exam page or refresh the page by pressing the F5 button during the exam, your exam will be terminated. You will lose your exam key, which means you will also lose your right to take the exam. In that case, you will have to apply again for membership.

You will be given a multi-choice test of 20 questions. Every question has 1 true answer only. Just click A-B-C or D and then NEXT button to see the next question, if you click the NEXT button without any markings, you will NOT be given any warning. The system will bring the next question. Please keep in mind that if you leave gaps to try and fill in the answers later, you will not be allowed to return. After an answer is picked, you will not be allowed to go back.

You will have 60 seconds to mark an answer for every question, if you don't mark anything in 60 seconds, the system will bring the next question without any warning, and you will get "0" points for that unanswered question. You will see a timer counting down from 60 to 0 at the middle bottom of the page, which will show you the time remaining for that question.

You will get "5" points for every true answer you mark, "0" points for unanswered questions as well as wrong answers. (If all of your answers are true, then your exam grade will be 100. 17 true answers out of 20 questions mean that you will get 85 points)

Please check your internet connection before clicking the buttons to send your answers during the exam. If your connection fails somehow, you will have a server error. In that case, you will be considered as "FAILED" since your exam grade will not be sent to the website properly, and you will not be able to retake the exam.

No automatic translation service of any web browser can be used during the examination process. You will most probably encounter some problems on your web browser if you try to translate the page, resulting in the loss of the exam code.

Minimum grade required to be a member of Turkish Virtual Airlines is 70. Score less than that will be considered as "FAILED". You will see your overall score at the end of the test.

If you can get 70 points or higher, the system will automatically complete your admittance to the pilot's roster, and you will be given a PID (Pilot ID number) and a password to start your flights as a Turkish Virtual Pilot. Please note them down because the PID and password will be required to use our unique FDR program, which will make the connection between your simulator and our website.


With respect,
Turkish Virtual Administration Board.

Please click on the link below to ACCEPT the RULES and proceed with your student pilot exam.
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ATIS Information

Flight Performances
This Month'
F.Hours2,045 hrs
F.Count1,345 flt.s
Since 2001'
F.Hours377,202 hrs
F.Count238,268 flt.s
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Assignments Status
96,87 %
Sim Types Rate
P3D 39.04 %
XPlane 37.18 %
FSX 12.23 %
MSFS 10.93 %
FS2004 0.62 %
As of 26 Aug 2019
Out of 51,568 Flights
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1Raivo Bogdans
2Zayn Kara
3Sergei Kozhin
4Baran Karaca
5Ahmed F Ahmed
6Özcan Polat
7Ersin Ergin
8Jonathan C Vergara
9Erol Saraç
10Ilya Rudenko
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