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You're at 3,000' crossing the CRP VOR, and you're cleared for the approach. What altitude can you descend to?

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2,200' MSL
720' MSL
2,100' MSL
1,700' MSL
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Total Active Pilots 204
Recruitment Status
Passed Applications 314
Pending Applications 2
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1Şafak Kabaoğlu
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1Serhat Gönüler
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1 4110 This is an Anadolu jet Flight. You will fly with "AnadoluJet" callsign.
2 4120 This is an Anadolu jet Flight. You will fly with "AnadoluJet" callsign.
3 4130 This is an Anadolu jet Flight. You will fly with "AnadoluJet" callsign.
4 4140 This is an Anadolu jet Flight. Transport the troops..
5 4150 This is an Anadolu jet Flight. You will fly with "AnadoluJet" callsign.
6 4210 Turkish National Football Team Tour. The first match is in Munchen.
7 4220 Turkish Virtual is On a Contract. Tourists will be travelling across of ..
8 4230 One of our aircraft was hired by a ... A very long and well paid contract.
9 4240 A Group of Nature Activists Hired ... Get your sleeping bag captain.
10 4250 Helsinki and Bounce Around the ... Istanbul across to the mild and ...
11 4260 Mediterranean Tour. Take Part in the Mediterranean Tour.
12 4270 Dangerous European Airports Tour. Get enough confidence to test your skill.
13 4280 Polish Airports Tour. International Airports in Poland.
14 4290 Museum Culture Tour. We visit some wonderful museums ...
15 4310 Hajj The Holy Journey Tour. Welcoming the first group of hajj pilgrims from ...
16 4410 African Safari Tour. Depart from Istanbul for a tour of the great ...
17 4510 Asia India Tour. The Asia India tour could be the one for you.
18 4520 Central Asian Turk Republics Tour. Pack a big suitcase, and a couple of clean shirts.
19 4610 TV Airlines presents the long haul ... These flights aren't a short hop so please be aware.
20 4710 American Dream Tour. Bored of flying across Europe?
21 4720 Alaskan Delivery Tour. Alaska is calling! Will you answer?
22 4730 Central American Adventure Tour. As the weather starts nice and warm in Central ...
23 4810 Caribbean Rhythms Tour. Ever wanted to fly around the sunny Caribbean.
24 4910 Australian Airports Tour. Captain, we know that you will be tired after this tour !
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Daily Activity
On Air5
Avg. Quality Score  1,011
Flight Performances
This Month'
F.Hours1,387 hrs
F.Count875 flt.s
Since 2001'
F.Hours368,938 hrs
F.Count232,814 flt.s
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Assignments Status
96,83 %
Sim Types Rate
P3D 41.36 %
XPlane 37.88 %
FSX 12.47 %
MSFS 7.62 %
FS2004 0.68 %
As of 26 Aug 2019
Out of 46,625 Flights
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MSFS: Pmdg B737 Tutorial
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POLL: Gündüz checkride'ları !
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19 Mayıs 2022 Atatürk'ü Anma Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı Uçuşu
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