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Active Pilots
Total Active Pilots 200
Recruitment Status
Passed Applications 311
Pending Applications 5
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1Hamza Saeed
2Tomasz Kubarski
3Metin Aydın
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1Özcan Polat
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Turkish Virtual is Celebrating It's 20th Year Anniversary !
# Crew Status
1 Murat Okay 3rd Additional Nominee
2 Murat Özeren 2nd Additional Nominee
3 Cenk Tarhan Accepted
4 Hakan Karabıyık Accepted
5 Göksel Erkan Accepted
6 Mehmet Aşık 2nd Winner
7 Fatih Baş Accepted
8 Mert Aydın Accepted
9 Kerim Oflaz Accepted
10 İsmail Sürek N/A
11 Samet Uzun Accepted
12 Metehan Zorbilmez Accepted
13 Serdar Katnaş Accepted
14 İbrahim Cengiz Accepted
15 Furkan Kısacık Accepted
16 Erdem Çetil 1st Winner
17 Ahmet T Aras Accepted
18 İsmail Algül Accepted
19 Can Sertkaya Accepted
20 Kamran Bidar Accepted
21 Ömer Çınar 4th Additional Nominee
22 Yasin Muş Accepted
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Dear captains,

As we have previously announced, we are sending two of our pilots to the "IFTC Training Centre" for our 20th anniversary celebrations. From the messages we receive, it is clearly seen that everyone has the question in mind of how this choice will be made.

First of all, we would like to state that we will make this choice among our candidates who want to go to the IFTC centre and has applied within the time given for this. As the applications arrive, we will present the names of the candidates in a table on our homepage. No criteria will be required for this application such as having to fly for a long period of time or flying for a number of times or having the highest quality flight score. We will not engage in such a manner because our aim here is not to exhibit a situation that will distinguish or give priority to any of our members from one another. Whether it be a new member or one of our oldest members, or in fact, even if it is someone who is considered by many to be ''one of the most deserving members, one that should be the winner'', we will not seek any conditions other than the few main requirements. In its simplest form, we will determine our applicants by drawing lots that will be broadcast live. We're going to ask one of our VA's well-known, most eminent people to do the drawing. We hope that we have not left a doubt or a question mark in anyone's mind with a draw that will be held in this way.

Our very imply defined draw principles are as follows:
- Being an active member of Turkish Virtual, (candidates who are active but become inactive during the period until the drawing day will be removed from the list), - To have participated in at least one of our Events organised during his/her membership (If there has been only one event organised during the membership of new members, the rule of participating in at least one event will not be considered for these people),
- To have flown all Assignment flights, except for the last month (10th month),
- The number of unjustified complaints in the complaints made to Turkish Virtual Management not being more than 1.

In addition, some of the decisions we have taken within the scope of the 20th year with the thought of ''what else can we do for our members'' and that we believe will make you happy are as follows:
- 10 Free Instant Tickets have been sent to all our Active or Inactive members, which you can use within 1 year and can instantly transfer your aircraft from one airport to another.
- All 'Incident reports' caused by our pilots' planes crashing during their flights have been deleted.
- The deletion of the explanations showing the reason of penalty, which is on the "pilot career" page under the column of "List of Complaints Filed Against Pilot", of the member who has been penalised by the Turkish Virtual

Management, is also included in the decisions taken (to be applied after the draw).

Our applications for participation for IFTC Centre will open on Tuesday, 22.09.2021 and will close on Sunday evening, 03.10.2021. Our draw will be held on Sunday evening, 10.10.2021 and two lucky people will be selected from among our candidates.

In the event that one or both of the winners are unable to attend the IFTC during the draw, alternate candidates who will be placed in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places for both candidates will also be specified and their names will be announced.

After the draw, the information of the winners will be sent to the IFTC centre and the candidates will be requested to be at the specified address on the date and time given. Since we do not have the luxury of choosing a specific date ourselves due to the busyness at IFTC, the date that will be given to us and received by accepting will be definite and unchangeable. Winning candidates will also be deemed to have accepted to be at the IFTC centre at this date and time to be determined after the draw. Objections made in this regard will not be accepted.

If one or both of the winning candidates indicate that they cannot participate, the first and next alternate candidates will be included in the list. In this case, the winning candidate must inform our management at least 10 days before the departure date that he/she is unable to go to the IFTC and pave the way for the alternate candidate or candidates. Late notifications will not be welcomed.

If the lucky winners who will come to Istanbul from other cities (valid for cities in Turkey) make a special request to us, our administration will cover the round-trip travel fees to and from the IFTC centre in Istanbul.

You can comment and ask your questions about the draw from here.

If only we could offer this opportunity to more of our pilots, but as Turkish Virtual Management, we are still happy to offer such a chance to two of our pilots. We hope that together we will come to much better places under the roof of Turkish Virtual and enjoy our flights together much more.

Turkish Virtual Board of Administrators

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ATIS Information

Flight Performances
This Month'
F.Hours1,077 hrs
F.Count674 flt.s
Since 2001'
F.Hours374,270 hrs
F.Count236,296 flt.s
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Assignments Status
96,57 %
Sim Types Rate
P3D 39.95 %
XPlane 37.70 %
FSX 12.20 %
MSFS 9.51 %
FS2004 0.64 %
As of 26 Aug 2019
Out of 49,754 Flights
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