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Active Pilots
Total Active Pilots 186
Recruitment Status
Passed Applications 234
Pending Applications 7
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Expecting First Flight
1İbrahim Karakaya
2Burak Yılmaz
Pilots are expected to complete their first flight
Enrollment Process
1Egemen Erçın
2Yusuf Ulas
3Cameron Helliwell
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                  NAME DESCRIPTION
Turkish Virtual Verified Downloads
1 AccuMap Project VATSIM Pilots And Air Traffic Controllers
2 Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator X Addon Manager
3 Addit! Pro For Prepar3D Addon Manager
4 Affinity Mask Calculator This Tool is For Fsx, Fsx SE and Prepar3D
5 Airbus A32X Checklists A319-A320-A321 checklists by Cpt Bedran Batkitar.
6 AirCharts A Popular Website Storing Charts
7 Airport Environment HD (X-Plane) Texture Replacement
8 Atc Training Sim Atc Training Software
9 AVSIM Crash to Desktop Guide V4.0.0 Guide about help; When You Get Dreaded Crashes/freezes
10 C208 Paint And Ezca Pack VFR Club Packs
11 Classic Sceneries A List of All Classic Airport Scenerys.
12 DesPlan Descent Rate Planner
13 Efass Electronic Flight Assistant
14 FaceTrackNoIR Non-Commercial Face-Tracking Program
15 FDR Airbus Aerosoft Beacon Solution Solution to the FDR Beacon problem
16 FDR Pmdg 738 777 747 Lights Solution Solution to the FDR Strobe-Taxi Lights problem
17 Flight1 SoundStream Keep Flight Simulator Sound Enabled
18 FlyWithLua (X-Plane) X-Plane Plugin
19 FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Replacement (Free)
20 Fs Real Time Fs UTC (Zulu/GMT) Sync Tool
21 Fs Tips Addons FSX Tips and Addon Installation Tutorials
22 FS-Time-Sync-master Fs UTC (Zulu/GMT) Time and Date in Sync Tool
23 FsBuild Flight Planning Utility
24 FSReal WX Free Weather Engine Program
25 FsRecorder Recording and Playback of Flights
27 FsxWX Fsx/P3D Free Weather Engine
28 Havacilik Meteorolojisi Meteroloji Genel Mudurlugu
29 HeadShake Camera Plugin (X-Plane) Engine Vibrations, Rotor Shaking etc for X-Plane
30 HRC Resolution Monitor Resolution Changer
31 Landing Rate Monitor Enables You to Monitor and Track Your Aircraft
32 Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer P3D Scenery Config Editor
33 Mesh Scenery by Alpilotx (X-Plane) X-Plane 10 HD Mesh Scenery
34 Nats Aeronautical Information Service
35 Nvidia Inspector Latest version of Nvidia Inspector
36 Ortho4XP (X-Plane) Building a Base Mesh and Its Textures
37 Prepar3D Tweaks Tweak Assistant
38 Process Explorer v16.12 VAS Tool for Fsx VAS Issues
39 ProjectFLY Pilot Tools VAS Monitor, OOM Warning Alerts, Landing Rate Monitor.
40 QSimPlanner Fuel Planning And Take-off/Landing Performance Calculator
41 QuteScoop An Open-Source Multi-Platform Traffic Viewer
42 Reshade (X-Plane) Bloom Effect
43 Route Finder Flight Planning
44 Scenery Config Editor Scenery Editor Software
45 Servinfo v2.02 See online traffic on VATSIM Network
46 SHGM Notams Notam Website
47 SimBrief Free Dispatch System
48 Simon's Atc Simulation Atc Training Software
49 SimRoutes Flight Planning
50 SkyVector Flight Planning
51 Squawk Box 4.0 Online Air Traffic Control for Pilots
52 VAT-Spy A windows Program Displaying a Map of Pilots and Controllers
53 VatAlert Get Notified When a Controller Gets Online
54 VATSIM Statistics List of Currently Connected Members
55 Vattastic Browser Map of Pilots and Controllers
56 VPilot Online Air Traffic Control for Pilots
57 VRC VRC sector file for Turkey
58 VRoute Flight Plan and Online Air Traffic Control on Vatsim
59 Weather Check Aviation Weather for Pilots
60 X-Camera (X-Plane) Camera Plugin for X-Plane
61 X-Plane Sceneries All X-Plane Sceneries For Turkey Region
62 X-RAAS (X-Plane) Runway Awareness and Advisory System
63 Xchecklist (X-Plane) Checklist Program
64 XP White Lights (X-Plane) HDR Lighting
65 XPUIPC (X-Plane) XPUIPC Plugin
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Online ATC
LTFJ_ATIS : 128.550
Baris Turkmen
LTFJ_GND : 121.750
Baris Turkmen
LTFM_ATIS : 128.850
Arda Yavuzel
LTFM_GND : 126.300
Kerem Uncu
LTFM_TWR : 131.100
Arda Yavuzeşl
ATIS Information

Daily Activity
On Air7
Avg. Quality Score  957
Flight Performances
This Month'
F.Hours1,390 hrs
F.Count868 flt.s
Since 2001'
F.Hours338,628 hrs
F.Count214,262 flt.s
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Assignments Status
96,6 %
Sim Types Rate
P3D 43.79 %
XPlane 37.04 %
FSX 15.83 %
MSFS 2.40 %
FS2004 0.94 %
As of 26 Aug 2019
Out of 29,886 Flights
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New Season Checkride on Sunday, 09th May 2021 at 11:00(z)
10 Replies
Practice for training exams have now begun !
2 Replies
05 Mayıs 2021 Vfr Etkinliği - 2
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Durukan Dilek
Alihan Kolaylı
LTFM Sceneries
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New 10 Pilots
1Can Sertkaya
2Atila Özdemir
3Noorul Amin
4Erdem Çetil
5Yılmaz Erdemir
6Gintaras S Stauce
7İsmail Algül
8Stephen Ellis
9Vanya Bitca
10Deniz Allen
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