Fix for the "Server Error!" message of the FDR

As simmers migrate to Win 7, we are sure there are going to be numerous questions regarding the use of FS and other sims in this new system.

Fix for the "Server Error!" message of the FDR

Postby THY4525 » 26 May 2021, 14:52

In Windows 7, when trying to access the FDR using your personal PID and password the FDR may return "Server Error!" even if on the website your PID and password works perfectly.

After several months of trying to understand what is the reason of this problem, I found out that the responsible for this is the outdated catalog of trusted certificates of Windows 7. Is possible for the Trusted Root Certificates catalog of Windows 7 to get outdated when Windows 7 stops receiving certain updates.

If You still use Windows 7 on your computer (independently of its version) You know your Trusted Root Certificates are outdated when your browser will begin to display an informative "Website not trusted" page when trying to visit websites that offer a secure connection (https). This happens because such websites have certificates that your Windows 7 never heard of (because didn't receive updates with the appropriate information about them). That is also the case when your Windows 7 will be unable to execute the login into the FDR (because the FDR needs to communicate with the website, and the website offers a secure connection, so your Windows 7 doesn't recognize the certificate the website sends to the FDR that then displays to your Windows 7 to approve the connection), and in such cases trying to access the FDR with your PID and password You will receive the "Server Error!" message.

To fix this problem the update Windows6.1-KB3004394-v2-x64.msu needs to be installed in your Windows 7, which, at the moment of writing this, is downloadable from - the file weights 2,3 MB. Download, install, reboot your computer and then the problem will be fixed.

I thank our colleague Bahadır Alkeş for his time and effort he invested in helping me to identify this problem.

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Re: Fix for the "Server Error!" message of the FDR

Postby THY3716 » 26 May 2021, 15:02

Adrian.. thank you very much for this useful information. By the way.. this is useful for the case when fdr returns "server error" but the web site is intact and there are other pilots flying. If the web server is completely down, the site is unreachable and all pilots receiving "server error" then all you need to do is to wait for the server to come back.
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