LQSA HUB Grand Opening

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LQSA HUB Grand Opening

Postby THY066 » 12 Feb 2009, 14:26

Dear Friends,

LQSA event is taken place on Feb 15th. The very same day VATEUD Winter Challenge Event is up. So here is the post that i quoted from VACCBih Events Manager from Vatsim Forums.


Today is it a quarter decade since the opening of the '84 XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo-Butmir Airport with its at the time single blind 2400 m long runway with no parallel taxiway (meaning backtrack was necessary for both landing and departing traffic) handled over 630 movements (larger aircrafts of type DC-10, B-707, L-1011, DC-8 etc.) during the Olympics period and many days up to 70 movements/day which is not even reached yet in the heavy traffic loads. Here is a quote from the official report:

Most of the official participants, guests and spectators used air fares, regular flights to the main airports in Zagreb and Belgrade, from where they continued their trips to Sarajevo.

At the main airports there were special welcome posts, whose task was to solve problems of further transport to Sarajevo. Also, there were numerous charter flights to Sarajevo.

Completely reconstructed and well-equipped, Sarajevo Airport was functioning well during the XIV OWG, even though there were some weather problems.

In the period of February 5 20, 630 planes landed or took off, 49 of which were regular flights and 581 charter flights. In this period only two flights were cancelled. 46.710 passengers came by air. On February 20 only, 70 airplanes took off with 120 tons of luggage.

The alternative airports at Dubrovnik, Split, Mostar were not used.

vACCBiH is ready to rewind the time and handle the same crowd in Sarajevo on February 15.th, where the infrastructure is improved, the country became independent, but the geographic and metrological conditions still are the same and hereby everything can happen at a (maybe) snowy and foggy Sarajevo-Butmir Airport.

If necessary due to the meteorological conditions, the same alternates as a quarter decade ago, LQMO, LDSP and LDDU, will be activated and used!

More info, charts etc. via the links above or vACCBiH Events Section

We are looking forward for your visit and to welcome you to the fully staffed Bosnia-Herzegovina
PR & Events Coordinator
Mirza Ibrahimovic

Kemal Tolu
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