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Postby THY 2843 » 30 Jan 2009, 13:17


I would first like to thank to Flythy team for opening this particular disscussion it is much apprieciated.

I just wanted to know a bit more about how the checkrides actually work. e.g do we do a flight then it is judged or something.

Your help would be much appriciated

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Sevket Gocmen
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Postby THY066 » 06 Feb 2009, 18:49

Dear Gocmen

We have 2 types of Checkride. One for Student Pilots and the other is for First Officers.

We expect our pilots to know how to read Charts&Metars, plan a route in between departure and destination and fly the route with online VATSIM procedures without a major mistake. During First Officer Checkride we also execute some failures via FFR to test our pilots skills during emergencies.

Within the checkride invitaion u get more details.

And the last, our actual goals are, interact with our pilots(get to know eachother),refresh our flight knowledges and fill the gaps... nothing more.

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