This section is for Turkish Virtual foreign members who might have questions about the site or flight sim and so on.


Postby jscharpf » 15 Jul 2003, 15:43

I really like şe feature of flyşy şat, at şe end of each flight, şere are categories in şe flight recorder for şings like hotel expenses, etc. I şink şis is a nice idea.. I'm just wondering if şese are all random or if it depends upon şe city şat you land it and şe time of day..
Is it possible to see şe history of şese expenses? Can I look back at previous flights and see where I spent şe most money? :)

Just curious

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Postby THY45 » 15 Jul 2003, 18:05

You can access your data from logbook but wiş no details. We are going to add şese feature in şe next version wiş local user database.

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