Emniyet Kemeri Takmamak da Hayat Kurtarabiliyormuş!

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Emniyet Kemeri Takmamak da Hayat Kurtarabiliyormuş!

Postby novemberrain » 11 Mar 2010, 17:57

737 kazalarıyla ilgili bir makale okurken dikkatimi çekti. Paylaşmak istedim.

6 Mar 2003; 7T-VEZ, 737-200 Adv, 22700/885, Del 8/12/83, Air Algerie; Tamanrasset, Algeria:

The aircraft took-off at 150kt and the First Officer (PF) called for the undercarriage to be raised (but this was not done). Immediately after rotation, the first stage of the No1 engine (JT8D-17A) HP turbine suffered a major uncontained failure. Several seconds after the left engine failure, there was a significant unexplained power reduction on the No2 engine, and the Captain took control. He maintained the same rate of climb, but the speed decreased toward the stall and the aircraft descended, generating a GPWS “Don’t sink” alert. The aircraft was near MTOW and briefly became airborne reaching 400ft, then veered and stalled striking the airport perimeter fence tail-first 600 metres beyond the runway. Tamanrasset was hot and high, the runway elevation was 4500ft with an OAT of 23C.

The Captain came under scrutiny in the report for various aspects of his operation. Most importantly as to why he took control from the F/O (who had 5000hrs experience) 8 sec after the engine failure and allowed the speed to decay to the stall with the same rate of climb being maintained. He also did not retract he gear on the F/O's request after take-off nor did he allow her to retract the gear after he had taken control.

The report stated “The accident resulted from the loss of an engine during a critical phase of flight, from the failure to raise the landing gear after the engine failure, and from the taking of control by the Captain before he had completely identified the nature of the failure.”

102 of the 103 people on board died. The sole survivor was a young soldier, seated in the last row and with seat belt unattached, who according to his statement, was ejected from the plane by the impact and escaped from the accident.

Kaynak: b737.org.uk
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Re: Emniyet Kemeri Takmamak da Hayat Kurtarabiliyormuş!

Postby THY3683 » 13 Mar 2010, 02:11

Paylaşım için teşekkürler ama İstisnalar kaideyi bozmaz :)
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